Teaching Staff

We have 11 classes at Ivy Chimneys Primary School led by a very experienced and hardworking team of teachers and support staff.

September 2019: Please note this page will be updated shortly.

The Leadership Team

The EYFS Team

The Year 1 & 2 Team

The Year 3 & 4 Team

The Year 5 & 6 Team

The Office Team and Site Manager

The Breakfast and Afterschool Club Team

The Catering Team


2019-20 Class Teachers and Classes

Gemma Leach Larch Class Foundation
Holly Laing (EYFS Leader) Ash Class Foundation
Elaine Williams Chestnut Class Year 1&2
Julie Spears Birch Class Year 1&2
Caroline Ives (Year 1&2 Phase Leader) / Karina Darcy Elm Class Year 1&2
Rachel Norton Rowan Class Year 3&4
Jo Gladstone (Year 3&4 Phase Leader) Plane Class Year 3&4
Michelle Mulholland Hornbeam Class Year 3&4
Rebecca Sigston (Deputy Head Teacher) Maple Class Year 5&6
Andy Jones (Year 5&6 Phase Leader) Beech Class Year 5&6
Laura Burton Walnut Class Year 5&6
Clare Cooper Inclusion Leader & SENCo