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Beech Class meet an evacuee

During the afternoon of 16th October, Beech class were very lucky to play host to Amy's Granddad. He volunteered (with no pressure from his Granddaughter...) to speak to the children about his experiences of being evacuated during World War 2.

As a five year old in 1939, life during the war was almost a 'normality' until being evacuated with his siblings and mother from London to a small village in Wales.

The class relished the opportunity to ask their questions as Reg shared the memories, tales and experiences of his early life. They learned much from his 'first hand' knowledge and will be using their findings to add to their topic books.

Thanks to Amy for suggesting the visit and to Reg for braving not just the Blitz, but Beech class too!

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Match Two

On Friday 11th of October Ivy played a home game against St. Andrews. We started off well, but unfortunately we gave away the first goal of the game to make it 1-0 to St. Andrews.

Shortly before half time Oliver crossed the ball into the box and Louie kicked it past the keeper to make the score 1-1 at half time.

We then kicked off for the second half. Dan passed it to Louie who dribbled it down the line and curled it into the back of the net to make the score 2-1 to Ivy.

Just before the end of the game St. Andrews mounted a counter attack and placed the ball just past Sonnie to make the final score 2-2.

Thank you to Mr Jones and George Gardiner, along with everyone for supporting us. Alfie & Louie

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Copped Hall Run 2013

On Sunday the 6th of October, about 40 children took part in the annual cross country run, in the grounds of the Copped Hall Estate.

With the sun burning off the mist, the children took their starting positions – ready to race! The claxon sounded and off they went. The children sprinted into action, with Henry J taking an early lead, as they rounded the bend and disappeared off into the distance.

It seemed like no time at all before the children were back, pounding up the hill towards the finishing line, with Henry still maintaining his lead. With 1st place secured it was only a matter of seconds before the rest of the Ivy team were streaming over the finish line.

Well done to everyone who took part and helped to snatch 4th place in the schools overall position.

Full results are now available on The Rotary Club of Epping website and the children received their medals and certificates in Friday’s assembly.

Thank you to all of the parents and Mr Furness for their support and to Mr Jones for organising the team.

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Football Kicks Off!

On Friday 4th October Ivy played a football game against Coopersale Hall School.

It went well in the first half when Ben booted up the field. Louie controlled the ball to then go on and score a goal to make the score 1-0 to Ivy at the end of the first half.

We then kicked off for the 2nd half. Alfie crossed it into the box, then Eli placed it into the back of the net to make it 2-0.

About 5 minutes before the final whistle Ivy got a throw-in. Josh received the ball, crossed it into the box for Louie to run on to, who smacked it past the keeper to make the final score 3-0 to Ivy.

Thank you to Mr. Jones and everyone for supporting us.

Louie & Matt

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Roald Dahl Day 2013


On the 13th of September Ivy Chimneys took part in the worldwide event, Roald Dahl day. A celebration of Roald Dahl’s birthday and his fantastic stories. Roald Dahl is a very famous author, he wrote lots of amazing books such as Matilda and the BFG. Most of the children have read at least one of his books, or maybe seen one of the many films that have been made.

We all dressed up, including the teachers, as characters from one of his books. Mr Furness was The BFG and Mrs. McKenzie, Miss Roberts and Mr Jones dressed up as Boggis, Bunce and Bean from Fantastic Mr Fox.

Every class had a unique, exciting lesson during the day. In my class we made up some words, just like Roald Dahl used to do, to describe things.
We made some describing words:

Brillious (a mixture of brilliant and fabulous)
Awesometastic (awesome and fantastic)

We also created items for a menu:

chream (chocolate ice-cream)
Sticken (steak and chicken)

To end the day we gathered in the hall to watch a ‘Live Event’ featuring Roald Dahl’s daughter, a special performance from ‘Matilda – The Musical’ and also a preview of the ‘Charlie And The Chocolate Factory’ musical.

All the children really enjoyed the day and are looking forward to reading some more Roald Dahl stories.

Henry J – Walnut Class

Our New Playground Equipment

At long last Capucine from Walnut class, who was the winner of our 'design our new playground' competition some years ago, cut the ribbon to officially open our new playground equipment.

The 'Friends of Ivy Chimneys' have funded both this equipment and the smaller piece in the small playground.  It has taken us a long time to save towards this project and I hope you agree that they have provided our children with two welcome additions to our playground. Well done and thank you to everyone that has helped with the project.



A fun day for the children of Ash, Larch, Chestnut, Birch and Elm


Oliver reading to Ash and Larch class

Oliver reading to Ash and Larch class

Birch class taking a dramatic adventure to Australia

Birch class taking a dramatic adventure to Australia

Chestnut class enjoying a workshop with Sarah

Chestnut class enjoying a workshop with Sarah-Jane

Drama Group and Local authors, Oliver Dean and Sarah-Jane Funnell visited Ivy Chimneys this week  A lovely time was had by all of the children in Key Stage 1 and EYFS, when they met both authors and listened to their new books.

‘Drama 4 all (Perform)’ held a fun drama workshop, where all the children engaged in an adventure to Australia.




Epping Town Show Races

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Those attending the annual Epping Town Show were in for a treat this year. The charity wheelbarrow race had an extra entry... two fresh faced individuals in Ivy Chimneys school uniform strode purposefully towards the start line, proudly displaying their painted barrow, complete with blackboard graffiti.

The entries were organised into 3 heats, with local businesses fielding teams for this fantastic event. Ivy were drawn in heat 3, against some very tough opposition in the shape of firefighters and burly builders!

Sam Roberts took the handles first, with Mr Jones sitting pretty in the barrow. A flying start, excellent swap-over and determined return leg were sadly not enough to finish in the top two and qualify for the finals.

Well done to everyone who came along to support the event, a lot of money was raised for some very deserved local charities.