Governing Body

We are a very active governing body, meeting formally three times each term, but maintaining a high profile within the school at various school and fundraising events

Mr. David Cooper Chair, Chair of Finance Committee  
Mr. Michael Lawrence    
Mr. Toby Kinsey    
Mrs. Sarah Fulbrook    
Mrs. Victoria Hedlund    
Mr. Andy Jones Teaching Staff Governor  
Mrs. Catherine Hines Vice Chair  
Mrs. Lara Gardiner Chair of Personnel & Curriculum Committee  
Mr. Jonathan Furness Head Teacher, ex-officio  



David Cooper

Chair of Governors


Cat Hines

Vice Chair


Michael Lawrence


Sarah Fulbrook


Andy Jones

Lara Gardiner


Toby Kinsey






Victoria Hedlund


Teresa Nickolson













Following our transition to the Multi Academy Trust (MAT) in April 2018, the Governing Body of Ivy Chimneys thought it would be useful to provide an overview of its role.  

As a MAT, there is an additional layer of Governance  – the Board of Trustees.  Their role is to look at the MAT as a whole, enacting the responsibilities of the academy trust, ensuring it complies with law whilst conducting the strategic operations of the trust.

In addition to the Trustees, each school is required to have a Local Governing Body.  The Local Governing Body are delegated powers, responsibilities and duties from the Trustees, who set out the Trust’s vision, ethos, values and principles.  

Amongst many responsibilities, the Governing Body holds the School leadership to account for the academic performance of the School, the quality of provision and the quality of care of the children.   Governors do this through reviewing data, challenging the school’s senior leadership at formal meetings and by visiting the schools to see first hand how children and staff are experiencing life at Ivy. Another key role is oversight and monitoring of school finances and ensuring the School complies with the Trust’s financial regulations, policies and procedures.  

Other roles undertaken by the Governing Body include recruitment and performance management of the Head Teacher. an important role to ensure the Head’s objectives are aligned with Trust and school’s objectives. Governors also review and approve school policies, and oversee and approve staff pay awards. 

The Governing Body meets three times a year for a Full Governing Body Meeting.  In addition to this Governors are also members of sub-committees.  For Ivy Chimneys these are the Finance and Resources Committee (F&R)  and a newly introduced Performance Committee.  F&R is focused on the school’s budget.  The Performance Committee has been introduced to replace the Personnel and Curriculum (P&C) meeting, allowing for more dedicated time to review school data on performance, which is a key way in which the school is measured by Ofsted. Personnel & Curriculum items such as staff changes are monitored by the Full Governing Body Meeting.  


With all these responsibilities, governors are supported in a number of ways to help make sure they are fully able to perform these duties. Ongoing training and development is a key part and we visit face to face training events and receive online training as a regular part of their duties. They also are supported by a network of governors across the MAT through joint learning events, where best practise is shared and advise given & received.

The Term of Office for all Governors except the Headteacher is 4 years, with the Chair and Vice Chair terms running for one year. Its rewarding and challenging and is a great way to support the school and bring skills governors have developed in their professional lives to improve the school.