Ivy Chimneys Inter-House Cross Country 2013

For those of a ceratin age, Wet, Wet, Wet, might mean something completely different, but for the children in key stage 2, it described the weather on Monday perfectly!

After a quick warm up, each group of children approached the start line and prepared for their laps of the school grounds. Every place would count towards their house score and the chance to lift the Inter House Cross Country trophy.

The year 3s and 4s ran together for the girls and then the boys, with the year 5s and 6s in the next two races.

Everyone took part, mostly enthusiastically, and despite the weather, mud and chilly conditions, ended with a smile on their now very rosy faces.

Well done to everyone who took part and to the parents and carers who were involved in the preparations and persuasions beforehand. The scores will now be calculated using some complicated spreadsheets, and the winners will be announced shortly... watch this space!