Year 6 Careers Morning - Wednesday 6th June 2018


Dear Parent/Guardian,

For the past two years, Year 6 children have attended a very successful careers morning at the school. A number of parents were able to volunteer one or two hours of their time to talk about their job to small groups of Year 6s at a time. The feedback from pupils was that they really enjoyed this experience and it gave them good insight into the different jobs that people in our community do. Some photos of this event are included.

Mothers' Day - Friday 9th March 2018

Dear Parent/Carer

As part of Mothers’ Day celebrations happening across the school next week, we are pleased to invite Mums/Carers into classes at the following times:

10am            Yr1 & Yr2      Mothers’ Day biscuits

1.30pm         Yr3 & Yr4      Afternoon tea

2.00pm         EYFS             Singing in the hall

2.45pm         Yr5 & Yr6      Shared craft activities